About Us

Nowadays, the range of various devices for playing music is extensive, yet not all of them produce as high and acceptable quality of sound as could be desired. Plus, the prices of products of famous brands that offer high-quality devices are inadequately high.

One day, a few like-minded people for whom music is a key part of daily life met and decided to unite, thus creating a brand name under which they could offer high-quality devices for playing music at a price accessible to most music lovers.

This is how the brand EGNARO SOUNDS, which offers a range of devices for playing music, namely, earphones and headphones of various kinds, as well as portable loudspeakers, was born. All the components (including but not limited to speakers) that are considered for use in our products are tested and assessed thoroughly during product development, so that users would genuinely enjoy listening to music while using EGNARO SOUNDS products.

For today`s generation of young people, creativity and movement are one of the cornerstones of life, which is complemented by listening to music and using smart devices with the Bluetooth and hands-free functions. EGNARO SOUNDS products ensure that customers` modern requirements with regard to quality are fulfilled extremely well by all the devices that we offer.

The EGNARO SOUNDS team is actively working on the development of new products, so that our products could provide their users with the opportunity to enjoy music to the fullest at work, at rest or during fitness activities.

Company details:

Registration number: 40103494807
VAT payer registration number: LV40103494807
E-mail: innteso@innteso.com
Company address: Ziemelu street 12, Marupes nov., Lidosta LV-1053, Latvia